A Naruto Based RPG that is set 60 Years after the main storyline.The world is at war and Akatsuki is in shabbles
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 Shiribasura Uchiha's Mangekyo Jutsu

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Shiribasura Uchiha
Shiribasura Uchiha

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Shiribasura Uchiha's Mangekyo Jutsu Empty
PostSubject: Shiribasura Uchiha's Mangekyo Jutsu   Shiribasura Uchiha's Mangekyo Jutsu Icon_minitimeTue Sep 30, 2008 10:02 pm

Name:Heaven Earth Disappeance
Shiribasura appears infront of his target only a mere centimeter away.He stares into the target's eyes and burries them in a powerful Genjtusu.Shiribasura 'disappears' to the target and can easily move around without being spotted.The only way this jutsu could be seen through is through the Byakugan.An Uchiha can do the Heaven Earth swithch jutsu and throw him into the Genjutsu.

Name: Heaven Earth Dampening
The Mangekyo casts an illusion on the target that destroys all sound.This jutsu is used for when Shiribasura or any other Uchiha goes to perform Raikiri or anyother noisy Chidori Jutsu.It can also be used to illiminate the sound of his running even further.In combo with the Heaven Earth Disappearance the user is unseen and unheard.

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Shiribasura Uchiha's Mangekyo Jutsu
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