A Naruto Based RPG that is set 60 Years after the main storyline.The world is at war and Akatsuki is in shabbles
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 Rei's Application ((Incomplete))

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PostSubject: Rei's Application ((Incomplete))   Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 02, 2008 5:33 pm

Name: Sura, Rei

Alias: None

Appearence: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Animeschoolgirl

Rei wears a silk-material type dress, with sakura blossoms bordering the bottom and the sleeves. Wears a key around her neck and a silver charm bracelet around her right wrist. She also wears a flak jacket and her headband tied to her waist. Hana follows her almost everywhere as well as Kohaku and Koriko.

Age: 17

Rank: Chuunin

Village: Rain Country

Personality: Rei is very calm and collected, having trust issues due to her past. She acts as a mother to her younger brother, Kohaku and a babysitter to her older brother, Ichigo. She is a peace keeper between the two when times get tough and a fierce leader. Being the first one to laugh, and the last one to cry, she is a great friend to anyone. Rei takes things lightly, even in battle but is demanding and serious when it comes to her friends and siblings.

Special Characteristics: What is special about your character, could be nothing.

Clan: None ((See History/Background))

Clan History: None ((See History/Background))

Kekkei Genkai: None

Weapons: Rei carries the basic weapons, kunai, shuriken, ect. She is an expert Puppet Mitress. Carved from fine wood by hand, she has a total of 15 puppets that she controls with her chakra.

List of Rei's Puppets:

Hana: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Girlwithumbrellaandflower

Zakuru: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Untitled

Karin: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Yuri

Naomi: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) 2007-06-20-59824

Orianna: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) An

Darihidue: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Animegirl2-1

Zachihyru: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) 9t1

Shinnosuke: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) MysteriousDude

Leluche: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Anotherdarkangel

Saito: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Kaname

Natuske: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Hot

Hidatchi: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Top24

Koriko: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Anime_girl_9279

Ginta: Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) RPCutie

Rei's Application ((Incomplete)) Balmung

Chakra Type: Earth and Fire.

Specialties: Puppetry. Rei's puppets can come to life with her chakra. They have the ability to speak, move, and and even gain emotions on their own. Though, Rei can disable them at any time.


History/Background: Rei was an orphan from birth, she was born and raised in Amegakure. She has no knowledge of her parents or clan, taken in by Kohaku and Ichigo's mother. Rei was found with a key around her neck and a silver charm braclet around her right wrist. Her first appearance into Ichigo's life was when he was six, before Kohaku was born. He protested and protested, saying that she was a girl and he wanted a brother.

Years had past and the two had bonded, Ichigo had excepted her as a part of the family. He pestered her as only a brother would, teasing her for not acting like a normal girl and training with the boy's and such.

By the time she was five, Kohaku was born and Ichigo got his wish. The attention drifted away from her but she didnt seem to mind and helped raise and care for her new little brother. Rei was very competetive((sp?)) with Ichigo and his uncles during training and was skilled with her hands.

Soon after she graduated the Academy and ranked up to Genin, she took up Puppetry, practicing each day. Her first puppet was Koriko, it took years and years to perfect her, Rei was unhappy with just wood so she painted her to look like a human girl which took percision and skill as well. She read several hundred books about how to manipulate chakra within puppets, experimenting and eventually learned how to give them sort of their own life.

About two weeks after Ichigo had earned his Jounin title, their mother had died from the illness that their father had died of before Rei had been taken in. Kohaku, now a Genin, had latched onto Rei tighter then ever before, seeing her as his new mother instead of sister.

Role Play Sample:
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Rei's Application ((Incomplete))
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