A Naruto Based RPG that is set 60 Years after the main storyline.The world is at war and Akatsuki is in shabbles
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Shiribasura Uchiha
Shiribasura Uchiha

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PostSubject: .........Rules!........   .........Rules!........ Icon_minitimeSun Sep 28, 2008 11:10 am

Here are the rules for the site and the chatbox please read them.


2 )Please have your character approved before you rp. Its vitally important you do this.

3 )I do not mind cursing but please don't do it. Cursing will not be tolerated and will result in a ban for a set amount of time.

4 )Be respectful to other players.


6 )Do whatever a Admin or Moderator tells you to do within reason.

7 )If you have a problem with another member or anyone else please PM me or any Admin or Mod.

8 )No spamming the c box

9 )Keep your sig size reasonabe. Don't make it outragously big.

10 )Polls must have at least 2 choices.

11 )Your characters death will only result in a situation where there is no way that your character could survive. Academy Students aren't allowed out of their villages. Genin canonly leave the village if they are being escorted by a Chuunin or higher.

12 )While in the chatbox if you break the rules the following will happen:

1.You will be warned verbally
2.You will be kicked from Chat box
3.You will be banned from Chat box

13 )Don't spam we have a section for that, if you do by accident there is always a delete button.

14 )If you have a spoiler to say hide it in the spoiler box that hides it from others unless they click on it.

15 )You DO NOT have to post something your opponent would not know about durring a fight. and example would be if you use poison or have a kekkai genkai or any other special characteristic the enemy wouldn't know about you do not need to post it until it would be revealed. However if it is something that would be obvious, like some kind of transformation due to a demon or something, then the info must be posted.

16 )Do not bug mods or admins for a promotion at all.

17 )You can only have 1 account unless you have permission for a second from me.

18 )There is a limit of only 5 Uchiha's, 5 Hyuuga's, 5 Kaguya's.

Please once that limit is achieved then the clan/Org will be full.

19 )To all upcoming Uchiha. You cannot START with the Mangekyo. You must gain it through rp.

20 )Bijuu are allowed but be warned you will be hunted if you have them. Also put there sealing in your history.Please note that we allow the Bijuu from the series/manga. Speacial demons arent allowed unless an Admin says so.

21 )Limit of only 10 Akatsuki members, 20 Missing Ninjas.

22 )There will be a limit of only 1 Rinnegan user. (spot taken)

23 )Introduce Yourself To The Board Please.

24 )Must Make Your Shinobi & Then You Can See All Sub Forums.

25 )When You Use Jutsus make sure you name the jutsu and the description of the jutsu this way its much easier for others to understand.

26 )If you die then you might get your rank back depending on the circumstaces of death and if the admin allows it, but you can always make another character.

27 )If you get new jutsus and are currently in a fight you cannot use them jutsus until after the fight is over.

28 )When your character is approved the topic will be locked and it will be moved to the approved section for safe keeping.

29 )Also here you can develop techniques yourself and if you do, you will be the direct "owner" of these techniques, no one else has the right to use them, unless they ask authorisation from the author, and he\she agrees, this rules also aplies to every custom summons, and custom weapons they are exclusively yours unless you want to share them.

30 )You must not RP in several places at once, you shouldn't be able to be in more than one place at once unless there is a reason noted reason why. (Like a shadow clone or for Rinnigan users having other bodies)

31 )If you want to learn a new Jutsu, you HAVE to have it in the proper section and wait for it to be approved by a admin or a mod for it to be placed in your profile.

32 )Only five main villages have Kages. These are Konoha (Leaf), Kumo (Cloud), Suna (Sand), Iwa (Rock), and Kiri (Mist). Leaders of any other village are either Lords or Ladies, NOT a Kage.

33 )Have fun! Itís just a game!

34 )For all in-character posts, there is a three sentence minimum. Just having your character say "Okay" does not cut it. It is not descriptive and is impossible for others to reply to. So please, just write a couple sentences per RP post.

35 ) Do not purposely flame people, its just rude and takes away the fun of a game.

36 )Make Lengthy posts. They do not have to be super long but long enough so that we can clearly see what your doing. Details!

37 )After making your character and when it is approved add the URL to your character in your Signature so that people can have easy access to your profile.

38 )I REPEAT Don't ask where the site is if you aren't approved. When you get approved you will be able to see all the forums.


40 )Last but not least please do NOT complain about someone being OP. We ALL somehow in someway can be OP so please dont say that this person is OP and such and get in an arguement over who is OP. We ALL can be OP depending on someones point of view. Just chill about it and have FUN! Thats whats this forum is about anyways!

Note )If you are reading this and you didn't read the rules scroll back up and read them so you don't have to ask me questions
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