A Naruto Based RPG that is set 60 Years after the main storyline.The world is at war and Akatsuki is in shabbles
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 Astorke clan

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PostSubject: Astorke clan   Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:27 pm

Clan Name- Astorke

Kekkei Genkai- they can turn into the animal they first come across and will turn in to that animal when he/she wants to or half ears tail and there sens of smell and hearing and sight ect. This clan also has a tendency to have dif colored chakra depending on there level of sacrifice they had to make to get to where they aretoday.There eyes change cooler with there emotions.
Black:mad/ emotionless
Red :very mad
Blue: sad
Green: just there eye cooler
Pink: love or attracted to the person(can be kept under control so it may not show)
Violet: very happy
Yellow: sick
Symbol-it is a black cercal with a blood drop in the middle

Clan History-It was founded long ago in the stone but was than was supposedly completely wiped out or so they thought 1 year later. Every now and than one or two will pop up a few year ago a group came together and started to reestablish it but there plans where than foiled by a young girl who than killed them all to abstain her black chakra the most power full of the clan
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PostSubject: Re: Astorke clan   Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:47 pm

Approved unless you have any clan jutsu

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Astorke clan
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