A Naruto Based RPG that is set 60 Years after the main storyline.The world is at war and Akatsuki is in shabbles
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 Eh,Cause I need it.

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Shiribasura Uchiha
Shiribasura Uchiha

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Eh,Cause I need it. Left_bar_bleue600000/600000Eh,Cause I need it. Empty_bar_bleue  (600000/600000)
Eh,Cause I need it. Left_bar_bleue400000/400000Eh,Cause I need it. Empty_bar_bleue  (400000/400000)
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Eh,Cause I need it. Empty
PostSubject: Eh,Cause I need it.   Eh,Cause I need it. Icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2008 7:45 pm

Alright,well due to the realitivley low # of people I have for my site Im allowing each person to have one more character so I can get started with the fun stuff for this site.

The Eternal Eyes allow me to see that which you whom lacks these eyes.I am capable of seeing the truth,the lies,and that which you seek.
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Eh,Cause I need it.
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