A Naruto Based RPG that is set 60 Years after the main storyline.The world is at war and Akatsuki is in shabbles
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 Ave's New Jutsu (And Summon, finished)

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Ave Uchiha
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S Rank Missing Ninja
Ave Uchiha

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PostSubject: Ave's New Jutsu (And Summon, finished)   Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:08 pm

Name:Lava Bind
Description:Ave moves lava through the ground. When it gets under the opoenent it bursts out of the ground and wraps around the targets legs giving them severe burns. Ave then uses a water jutsu on the lava to harden it and keep their oponent stuck.

Summon and it's jutsu:

Name:Kouen Raion Ousama (Flame Lion King)
Personality:Merciless and ready for fresh meat, same as Ave.
Rank:Between A and S
Description:Ave summons a massive lion as big as gamabunta. Ave will be standning on the beasts head like other summoned creatures. The lion can spew fire and can do techniques with Ave.

Name:Ame of Sakuyaku (Rain of Explosives)
Rank:Between A and S
Description:Ave uses one of his jutsu that makes it rain flammable oil. His lion king then shoots a massive fireball out of it's mouth that ignites the pouring rain in an explosion so big that it could take out an entire forest, better yet half a city. The target(s) would have no escape, though they could evade soem of the damage.

Name:Pakku of Raions (Pack of Lions)
Description:Ave will summon many chakra lions that are as big as a regular lion. All the lions will charge at they target so fast they will start to explode with fire chakra.

Name:Raion Joufu's Katana (Lion Knight's Blade)
Description:The King of Flame lions will call for his knight. His knight is a bigger than average lion standing on it's hind legs in a suit of armor. The Lion Knight will infuse it's blade with fire chakra and slam it on the gorund to create a shockwave of flames that move across the ground.
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Ave's New Jutsu (And Summon, finished)
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